Online Shopping Tips

The Pros and Cons of Online Shopping


- Shopping online is a smart way of finding products you need since you can read all the features of a product you want to buy plus you can do it at the convenience of your home.

- You don’t have to spend on gas and fight for a parking space.

- You find better deals on an online store than in malls since the online seller doesn’t have to rent a space for their stores nor do they have middlemen as malls do.

- You don’t have to walk around and around the mall to find the best shoes or clothes to buy.

- You save on taxes, too. One advantage of shopping in a mall, however, is you can relax, dine or watch a movie when you’re done shopping.

- You can buy a gift for a loved one’s birthday working or living abroad..

 - You can buy personal items like sexy lingerie or undergarments without embarrassment.

- You can compare prices.


 - There is always a possibility that the item you bought is defective or damaged and it is a big inconvenience to return and demand a refund unless you bought the item at Amazon and you live in the U.S of A. If you paid using PayPal, you can refund your money easily if the seller’s explanation is not acceptable or had refused to answer, or the seller could justify why the buyer does not deserve a refund.

- Returning a product and asking for a refund is a big hassle, a big irritating inconvenience.

- Big names like Amazon, Walmart and eBay are victimized by sellers selling fake products too. Ridding their stores of them is a big headache for these reputable stores too

- You are not assured of the product’s quality.

 Note: When returning a product, be sure that the original packaging is intact and the price tag, bar code, etc is still there. Legitimate sellers at Amazon complain that their product was used by the buyer. A coat, for example, was used at a party. The smell of cologne or sweat is still there. Unscrupulous buyers do this and get away with it since it is Amazon’s policy that sellers refund or change the product when a buyer complains. One Amazon seller complained that the buyer returned a rag instead of the dress she bought. I don’t know what happened to the case.

Don’t be impressed by a hundred or even a thousand reviews or more. It is possible that most of the reviews were solicited. As an example, the seller can offer a free bottle to a  buyer in exchange for a 4 or 5-star review!

 Note: When a product has several hundred reviews, DON'T READ the 4 or 5-stars reviews. Click the 2 or 1-star reviews. Those reviews are honest reviews unless it was done by a competitor who bought an item for him to have a "Verified Purchase" annotation too. Whether this is the case or not, SEE THE SELLER RESPONSE TO EVERY 1 OR 2-STAR REVIEWS.

Look for the seller's responses for every negative review like this one I bought at Amazon.Com:

"Dear XXXX,
"Thank you for your review. I’m extremely sorry to hear that you haven’t noticed an improvement from using our product. Your experience is definitely not usual. When you purchase a product from xxxxxxx, we expect you to have a fantastic experience no matter what and it’s clear that you did not this time.

We have offered you a full refund via Amazon. If you have any other questions, I’d love to talk with you about how I can help. Please send me an email at and I’d be more than happy to work with you to find a happy solution. I look forward to hearing from you soon!


Customer Satisfaction


This, however, rarely happen or doesn’t happen at all for an expensive product/s costing more than $100 to $400, say, a quality noise-canceling headphone, etc.. However, it always pays to read the 2 or 1-star reviews to find out if the product has some other quality issues or whether it has a good after-sales service.

 - Be sure that the store has a Trust Badge.

- You might not receive the item at the day you expect the item delivered

- Avoid phishing, install the WOT Chrome extension. Avoid, too, sending personal information through email. You must be very sure if you do that that there is WOT (Web of Trust) for the site

"Short for Web of Trust, WOT is an Internet browser service that helps identify websites that may be potential harm to your computer. After installing this plug-in, if a website that is not safe is opened, WOT displays a message over the website indicating it is not safe and should be avoided. The picture shows an example of a WOT warning message. If you think the site is safe, this message can also be ignored."

If you are a frequent Amazon.Com online shopper install " Review Analyzer". ReviewMeta analyzes Amazon product reviews and filters out reviews that their algorithm detects may be unnatural.

We hope that the information above would help you avoid being gypped.




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