Collection: Beauty and Health

A MUST READ: If there is a certain beauty product or anything else at Amazon, Walmart, E-Bay you intend to buy, never be impressed by the 4 or 5-star reviews. DON'T READ the 4 or 5-stars reviews. Click the 2 or 1-star reviews. Those reviews are honest reviews unless it was done by a competitor who bought an item for him to have a "Verified Purchase" annotation too. Whether this is the case or not, SEE THE SELLER RESPONSE TO EVERY 1 OR 2-STAR REVIEWS.

Beware too of fake products especially one taken internally. Big names like Amazon, Walmart and eBay are victimized by sellers selling fake products. Ridding their stores of fakes is a big headache for these reputable online stores too.


For health and one to have that there are 40 different nutrients vitamins and minerals included. Eat well and do research on some supplements that you may need such as L-Arginine, Omega-3 fish oil, guava leaf tea which is a natural antibiotic and has 12 benefits check this on this link  Green tea, L-Tyrosine, Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and many more.

There are interactions between the mineral and supplements you are taking and maybe dangerous interactions. Google it and go to reputable sites like WebMd, Mayo Clinic, Health Line, and many more. Check and inform your doctor all about the supplement and vitamin you are taking. However, doctors are not very well versed on nutrition. Go to a nutrition test laboratory. The nutritionist will advise you on what necessary vitamins and supplements you need to improve your quality of life.

Last but not the least, never skip breakfast.


Being beautiful does not mean you have to have a beautiful face. What’s the value of having a pretty face if you look like a ball of fat walking on the street? Or a beautiful face that’s hidden by malnutrition or lack of exercise. You may have an unattractive face, but if you have a beautiful sexy body, people will be turning their heads for a second look at you.

Beware too of all the beauty creams and supplements that will remove wrinkles, wart, and improve your skin texture. These are very expensive products and it may have serious consequences on how you look.